Best Treatment for Cat Worms

The best treatment for cat worms must come from veterinarians since there is no single deworming medication that is effective for all kinds of cat worms. With your cat’s worm problem, always ask your vet!

A precise diagnosis is required for safe and effective treatment for cat worms and only veterinarians can provide the best answer to your cat worm problems.

Deworming your kittens from 0-6 months

Kittens are usually infested with ascarids but these kinds of worms on your pet should first be confirmed by a veterinarian by thoroughly checking the kitten’s stool.

Kittens with ascarids should be given deworming medicine, in cream or syrup form, when 2 to 3 weeks of age and again when reaching between 5 to 6 weeks of age. Just in case eggs or worms are still seen in the kitten’s stool, then subsequent deworming should be administered.

A safe dewormer given each month until 6 months of age is usually recommended by many veterinarians.

The cream or syrup type dewormers are available in pet stores and are the easiest to administer.

Treat adult cats with anthelmintics

Cats who hunt and roam freely, including adult cats, should be dewormed routinely for tapeworms and ascarids as well even without testing their stools. Anthelmintic or antihelmintics are usually safe for repeated use in the treatment of tapeworms in adult cats.

Cats with tapeworms should be treated for about four or five times a year.

A cat who is pregnant should have her stool examined before breeding. The confirmation of parasites should be followed by deworming so as to reduce the frequency and severity of parasite infestation. This will also ensure that the pregnant cat will have a healthy pregnancy.

Dewormers in pill or injectible form

Praziquantel is considered one of the best treatment for cat worms particularly all common species of cat tapeworms. The drug is available as a pill or can also be injected to the cat. The drug kills the tapeworms in such a way that the dead tapeworm do not appear in the stool after deworming.

Other effective treatment for cat tapeworms are fenbendazole and espiprantal. Preventing your cat from roaming and hunting also reduces frequency of your cat from being infested with tapeworms.

Over-the counter dewormers

Some over the counter deworming medicines for cats are Tape Worm Tabs which removes tapeworms in cats over six weeks of age after being mixed into food. Tape worm Tabs can also be given orally.

Tape Worm Tabs contains Praziqunatel which is the most important ingredient in eliminating worms in cats.

Piperazine paste is an over the counter paste for removing big roundworms in kittens and cats more than eight weeks old. The paste is tuna flavored and is available in a tube which treat a cat which weighs up to 20 pounds.

Wrm Clear is used for the treatment and prevention as well of roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms in cats. Wrm Clear is 100 percent natural and can be given to your cat three times a day. The number of drops to be given will depend on the cat weight.

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