Care of Cats

Care of cats is very important for the cats to have a long and healthy life and for you to enjoy his or her company as a pet. It involves giving your cat the  right food, proper care which includes grooming and bathing, as well as preventing your cat from being sick and also from having cat worms. Cats, particularly kittens, demand a lot of attention.

  1. Visit your vet. One way of ensuring that your cat is free from worms is providing your pet with consistent veterinary care to give your cat booster shots, worming and spraying.
  2. Keep your cat indoors. It is also important to keep your cats from the outdoors away from smells and joys of nature but is an effective way of keeping your cat away from the deadly hazards.
  3. Right amount of food and water. Care of cats should start with the right amount of water and food your cat should eat. An average size cat needs to drink about two quarts of water every week. You can also give cats food with more fluid so that she needs to drink less. Take note that a loss of body water for 10 to 15 percent can kill her. A liquid drink like milk is a good source of water but always be sure that your cat has a lot of clean and fresh water available at all times.Kittens have different nutritional needs than an adult cat. You can rely with pet food manufacturers when providing your cat with the right kind of food for cats of different ages and activity. You can also rely on these pet food companies for the right diets for cats with different health problems.Dry cat food can be stored at room temperature for weeks without getting spoiled. Remember to discard cat wet food that is uneaten after 15 to 20 minutes. Semi-moist foods in resealable containers maintains its quality at room temperature.
  4. Groom your pet. Cats, particularly long haired cats, need good grooming and you can either bring your cat to a professional groomer each week or just use some grooming tools on hand at home but make sure you know how to use them. A good groomer is more advisable to prevent the risk of injuring your cat. If you intend to groom your cat by your own, you must remember some tips like first approaching your cat in a friendly way before starting with light grooming. Bathing a cat may be important to control the fleas on your cat or to remove dirt especially on a cat who loves to wander to the outdoors. Cats should also be bathed when treating a skin condition or when removing noxious or dangerous mess from your cat’s fur. When bathing a cat you need a good pet shampoo for fleas or any specific skin condition. You can ask the help of a veterinarian in finding the right medicated shampoo. When drying your cat, use a large fluffy towel after gently squeezing excess water from your cat’s fur.
  5. Treat and prevent parasites in your pet. Care for cats shall also include prevention and treatment of cat worms. Tapeworms in cats are caused after your cats consume an infected flea or rodent. Tapeworms in your cat can be discovered just by inspecting your pet; small grain like segments that were detached from the tapeworm can be seen from the anus of the infected cat.Some actions to prevent tapeworms is to feed your cat only with frozen or cooked fish. You can train your cat not to hunt for rodents while keeping them free from fleas and lice. To prevent your cat from having other feline parasites, you should regularly clean the litter box of your pet. Regular fecal examination through a veterinarian is also necessary to ensure effective prevention of worms.